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Each pack of bullseye targets contains pages of small round targets for a shooter's delight. Use the self-adhesive 1" circles or 2" bullseye targets to repair the larger Shoot-N-C targets or design your own target sheet and test skills by placing several targets on each page.

My description...

These are pretty sweet.  As mentioned above they are 2" in diameter.  Included are 108, 2" targets,  that's a lot of shooting my friend!  These work really well on the coke bottles, water bottles, ect, you plan to fill with exploding target mix and shoot.  When you figure the cost per target,  it comes out to roughly 6 whole cents, shipped.  Not a bad deal, when you figure the amount of fun your going to have squeezing all of those rounds off at them.  Even if you aren't blowing them up,  they really stand out well on cardboard, paper ect.  I highly recommend them, they will always have a place when I go shooting.

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Birchwood Casey Shoot N C Reactive Targets

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