Exploding target mix, ammonium nitrate, aluminium powder
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100lb Bulk Exploding Target Mix

100 lb bulk exploding target mix $195 FREE SHIPPING, enough ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder to make 100 (1 pound) targets. Mixed at a ratio of 1lb ammonium nitrate to .5 (1/2) ounce aluminum powder. All for only 195.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED, this is a very hard deal to beat! (ammonium nitrate may have slightly more impurities than pictured, will still be above 99.5% pure prill and will in no way affect performance)  Be safe and have fun! (ammonium nitrate for sale, ammonium nitrate supply, buy ammonium nitrate)
  • Item #: 100lb Exploding target mix

100 Pounds Exploding Target Mix $195 (ammonium nitrate for sale)

Price: $195.00
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